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  • Palembang
is dbpedia-owl:almaMater of
is dbpedia-owl:birthPlace of
is dbpedia-owl:capital of
is dbpedia-owl:city of
is dbpedia-owl:deathPlace of
is dbpedia-owl:ethnicGroup of
is dbpedia-owl:ground of
is dbpedia-owl:location of
is dbpedia-owl:locationCity of
is dbpedia-owl:origin of
is dbpedia-owl:place of
is dbpedia-owl:regionalLanguage of
is dbpedia-owl:residence of
is dbpedia-owl:wikiPageWikiLink of
is dbpprop-id:almaMater of
is dbpprop-id:asal of
is dbpprop-id:birthPlace of
is dbpprop-id:cityofbirth of
is dbpprop-id:countryLargestCity of
is dbpprop-id:destination of
is dbpprop-id:ethnicity of
is dbpprop-id:garrison of
is dbpprop-id:headquarters of
is dbpprop-id:hostCity of
is dbpprop-id:ibukota of
is dbpprop-id:kota of
is dbpprop-id:label of
is dbpprop-id:location of
is dbpprop-id:locationCity of
is dbpprop-id:lokasi of
is dbpprop-id:nationality of
is dbpprop-id:origin of
is dbpprop-id:place of
is dbpprop-id:placeOfBirth of
is dbpprop-id:prev of
is dbpprop-id:pusat of
is dbpprop-id:residence of
is dbpprop-id:site of
is dbpprop-id:stadion of
is dbpprop-id:stadium of
is dbpprop-id:terrServ of
is dbpprop-id:winnerOrigin of
is foaf:primaryTopic of